• Chris Wolf

The Launch of Smoke Pong

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Here we are five months after the first design and all of the additional parts of the game are finally put together. It's defiantly been a learning experience. From product design down to the tape used on the shipping boxes and from the office to the warehouse. It's been a crazy past handful of months working on Smoke Pong and working a full time job. There is nothing like seeing your plans come together, I'm so pumped to get this out to the world. Here we go!

I'm planning on reaching out to a few people and seeing if anyone would like to play Smoke Pong and post on Instagram or do a youtube video. I think the best way to get it going would be to get some feedback and It's going to be awesome seeing like minded people having a good time with the game. I can't wait!

Have you ever had an idea just went for it?

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